To hurl oneself into the world – Childhood and empowerment · Documenta 12 · 2007

Lecture in Documenta 12.
art education, 14 September, 1 pm, documenta 12 Halle
Septiembre, 2007
Ludotek is a lab of living forms focused on generating immanent/ dialogical situations and places of dissent. Ludotek proposes ludic (dis)organisations among objects, images and people to organise the workers of the symbolic and the real in order to generate a new wealth capable of allowing a referential autonomy that re-positions individuals and their relational world. This is why we believe that playing is a job. We don’t want to play, we want to work.At documenta’s lunch lecture, ludotek will show video essays, ludogrammes, testimonial documents and small exercises in criticism which consider a number of different relational problems.Presentation and discussion with Susana Velasco and Rafael Sánchez-Mateos Paniagua, LudotekLanguage: English

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