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Madrid Abierto


Abril, 2009





From the 5th to the 8th of February 2009, the seminar and meeting entitled Urban Buddy Scheme, directed by Cecilia Andersson, curator of Madrid Abierto 2009-2010, will be held at La Casa Encendida (Ronda de Valencia, nº2).

The city of Madrid is growing in an unprecedented pace. Multi disciplinary initiatives are engaged in processes that formulate new possible relationships with the city and its inhabitants, this while revealing complex layers of information. Activities that aim to envision possible futures, beyond the current construction crisis, continue with impressive strength.

This edition of Madrid Abierto sets out to investigate the potentials of collaborative socio-cultural and politically engaged work and how such work may perform as catalysts for change in the city. We will also try to activate processes that integrate new bodies of knowledge into the already existing.


Urban Buddy Scheme is built around the presentations by artists and architects involved in some of the existing activities carried out in the city. The seminar aims to merge such practices and concerns with those of the invited participants for Madrid Abierto 2009-10. As much as Urban Buddy Scheme is envisioned as an opportunity to exchange information, it is also meant to serve as a social hub for activities and networks.
Thursday 5 February
6.00-6.15 pm.
Welcome speech by Cecilia Andersson, Curator of Madrid Abierto and Jorge Díez, Director of Madrid Abierto.
6.30-7.15 pm.
Brief introductions for all invited participants. Open to the public for participation.
7.15-21.00 h.
Presentations by Andrés Jaque, Basurama, Ludotek and Wunderkammer. Chaired by Javier Duero.

Friday 6 February
6.00-6.45 pm.
Presentations by Studio Kawamura Ganjavian, Uriel Fogué, C.A.S.I.T.A. y Exprimentolimon. Chaired by Luis Úrculo.
7.00-7.45 pm.
Presentation by Kyong Park.
8.00-9.00 pm.
Presentations by Apolonija Šušteršič + Meike Schalk, Alexander Gerdel y Teddy Cruz. Chaired by Kyong Park.

Saturday 7 February
12.00-2.30 om.
One-on-one meeting expert meetings with inivted participants and the attending public.
6.00-6.45 pm.
Presentation by International Festival.
7.00-7.45 pm.
Presentations by Laurence Bonvin, Susanne Bosch y Josep-Maria Martín. Chaired by STEALTH.
8.00-9.00 pm.
Presentations by Jean François Prost, Adriana Salazar y Gustavo Romano. Chaired by International Festival.

Sunday 8 February
6.00-6.45 pm.
Presentation by STEALTH.
7.00-7.45 pm.
Presentations by Pablo Valbuena, Iñaki Larrimbe y Lisa Cheung. Chaired by STEALTH.
8.00-9.00 pm.
Final discussion with all the participants. Chaired by Cecilia Andersson.

Lecture in Documenta 12.
art education, 14 September, 1 pm, documenta 12 Halle
Septiembre, 2007
Ludotek is a lab of living forms focused on generating immanent/ dialogical situations and places of dissent. Ludotek proposes ludic (dis)organisations among objects, images and people to organise the workers of the symbolic and the real in order to generate a new wealth capable of allowing a referential autonomy that re-positions individuals and their relational world. This is why we believe that playing is a job. We don’t want to play, we want to work.At documenta’s lunch lecture, ludotek will show video essays, ludogrammes, testimonial documents and small exercises in criticism which consider a number of different relational problems.Presentation and discussion with Susana Velasco and Rafael Sánchez-Mateos Paniagua, LudotekLanguage: English